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1. Acting Out

Any dialogue can be used for this. Have the relevant number of actors come to the front and act out the dialogue. Use props wherever possible even if they are just flashcards.


2. Action Game

Teacher calls out the actions such as fly like a bird, students all do the action. Once they understand how the game is played students can call out the actions for the other students to do.


3. Action Mimes

A student does one of the actions with one of the objects. The students have to come up with the correct command e.g. Touch the board.

4. Action Quiz Snake

Draw a snake on the board. Give the students a sentence like: “It can fly” or “A bird can ____” If the team gives the right answer they get one point. If they give the correct answer in a sentence they get two points.


5. A maze-ing

Draw a simple maze on the board. Give the students a minute or 2 to study it. Ask for a volunteer and place 2 crosses on the maze. The student needs to give the directions to get from one cross to the other. Change the position of the crosses for the next student.


6. A maze-ing Script

Draw a simple maze on the board. Place 2 crosses on the maze. The students need to write the directions to get from one cross to the other. Change the position of the crosses and repeat the exercise.


7. Animal Guessing Game

Give descriptors to the students and they have to guess the animal. Winner gives the next clues.


8. Animal Sounds

A quick and simple game. Teacher begins by making an animal sound. The student, who guesses correctly, makes the next sound and so on.


9. Ask The Question:

Played a little like charades except no miming only question and answer. One student comes to the front of the class and the teacher shows a flashcard. The student then states the category e.g. I’m an animal. The class must ask questions to find out what the word is e.g. does it fly? The first student to correctly guess the animal has the next turn at the front. Can be played with any category as long as the students have prior knowledge of the language necessary.

We have collected more than 150 different games and activities for teachers to use in class. 

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