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Rebecca's Testimonial

I've now been working for JESIE for 6 months and I'm very happy here and with my decision to come work for JESIE. I choose to work for JESIE because whilst I knew that I wanted to carry on working in the public school system in China I didn't want to be as isolated as I was with my school last year. Working for JESIE has allowed to work in a public school whilst still having a wider support and development network. The training and development seminars in August and January gave us all a chance to connect to create this network and to develop our teaching skills. 

Working for JESIE I have a good work-life balance; most days I don't start till 10 o'clock and I am finished for the day by at the latest 4:30. I can get my lesson planning and other jobs completed in the gaps in my timetable. My students are well behaved and enthusiastic about learning English. Working for a public school means a lot of holiday giving one the chance to really explore China as well as other countries in Asia. 

The main difference I have found working for JESIE is the level of communication. All queries and problems have been responded to and dealt with quickly and efficiently. The visa process was dealt with very well, JESIE even communicating with my older employers to ensure everything went through smoothly.