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Julie's Testimonial

JESIE is a governmental organization and that was exactly what I was looking for; working for the government in the public school system. I felt safer with a public employer because from what I had read, private recruiters often make promises they do not keep. In addition, working the public system has many advantages, including long paid holidays.

I don't think I could've found a better employer. Everything that I was promised was delivered, without any surprises. I have working conditions I could never dream of having in my own country; I work less than 18 periods of 40 minutes per week, my apartment is furnished and paid for, I have at least 2 months off, including one month paid, my plane ticket to get to China was refunded, I have health care insurances and other perks. In total, applying for the interview, doing all the paperwork (very straightforward) and getting here in China took one month. Applying for a similar position in South Korea can take up to 6 months and the paperwork is laborious.

I live a dream life in China. I work roughly 20 hours a week so I have enough time to do all the things I enjoy doing; play music, read, and go to the gym. I feel like I found the best employer in the world. We have very few obligations, the staff is very considerate and employees are very well taken care of. The staff at JESIE is there whenever you need them.

In addition, the cost of living here is so cheap and the food is absolutely delicious. But most of all, the Chinese are so welcoming, friendly and genuine, and the Chinese culture is so rich, it all makes working in China a fantastic experience. I have much more freedom than ever before and I feel trusted. I have very few obligations and I don't feel like I have a boss, rather only friends.