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James' Testimonial

I choose JESIE because JESIE seemed to be different from the other companies. First of all I was speaking directly to the company, not just a recruiter. Second they seemed very helpful and different from a lot of companies because they are not just a private company out for profit but government owned. It looked very professional and had links with schools in the city of Manchester close to my hometown. They also looked like they could provide opportunities to teachers who want to stay in China long term.

JESIE is a great company to work for, ultimately they take care of you. Everything is done at the company in a professional manner so that you don't have to worry. From sorting out things such as getting a medical, applying for your visa and helping you move into your new house. To the training and development seminars which will help you improve yourself as a teacher. The people at JESIE are also very nice and friendly making it a good work environment.

I very much enjoy my life with JESIE in China, as stated above JESIE is a great company to work for. Obviously much of my time is spent with my school which has been great to me. When I turned up they asked me what I would need for my classroom, the next week they had everything I asked for delivered and I was ready to start teaching. On top of this the apartments are great and located in a good area of the city with lots of restaurants and even a few bars just a couple of minutes' walk away from where I live.

Previously I've worked for two other companies in China, the first was a private company and the second was government owned similar to JESIE. The first company was ok, however, unlike JESIE they didn't seem very professional. Teachers' training was an hour the day after I arrived in China for the first time. This training was supposed to prepare me for an interview and demo class with a school the following day, I already thought I had a job, however, it turned out it was just a contract with a recruitment agency. The second company was good, like I said a government owned company similar to JESIE. Ultimately the accommodation was nowhere near as good as the one that JESIE could offer.