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Abraham's Testimonial

I chose to join JESIE because I was promised a fun, comfortable and unique experience. After working for JESIE for some time now, I can say that I have received that and more. Based off of my experience I can say that JESIE is a great company that cares for their teachers. They really do focus on the well being of its staff. From accommodations to school placement, I have not had anything less than a smooth transition and pleasant work experience. 

I enjoy the work life in China through JESIE. Knowing that I am working for the public school system in my city gives me a sense of job security and coming from a person with a family that matters to me more than anything. JESIE differs from other companies I have worked for in the past in many way. But one that stands out the most would be its commitment. Its commitment towards making teachers happy, commitments towards making sure they are well prepared for their career and last but not least, its commitment towards keeping a positive and relaxed team moral. I have nothing but great things to say about this company.