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Graham's Testimonial

Hi, I am Graham Keens and am teaching English at JESIE.


So you are already thinking of coming to China to teach English. Well, your really have two choices; to work in the private or public sector. The difference is that one employer is working for a profit while the other is a not-for-profit-educational-service. The former route, in the private sector is, to say the least, frustratingly hard work; the public route, on the other hand, is extremely rewarding. I have worked in both sectors and highly recommend the public route.


Why? Well there are many reasons but put simply, your needs will be looked after working in a Chinese public school. You work Monday to Friday and the workload is extremely convenient. This enables the teaching/learning process to flourish and this is why I chose to work for JESIE.


JESIE enable you to teach in a manner where you can leave an impression on the students and hence the world. Believe me, teaching in Chinese Public schools is not only personally fulfilling but you will also feel the progress that your pupils are gaining from the cross-cultural experience. When I see the smiling faces and hear young children trying to speak a new language, it also makes me smile. I am extremely proud that my pupils are learning an international language from me; One that will enable them to communicate with others outside of China.


JESIE have looked after me and have been extremely helpful in bringing my family to China. They helped with all the documentation and made the whole process very simple. Basically they were there for me when I needed them. I highly recommend JESIE for their patience and the endeavor to make my life as easy as I would wish it to be. JESIE is an organization that understand the needs of their employees and always try their best to find the correct solutions.


At the time of writing this testimonial I am in the process of signing my 3rd contract with JESIE. The reason: I am extremely happy as an employee and know how the organization work. JESIE are highly professional company that have helped me to become the best teacher that I can be. JESIE have two workshops each year for their teachers and this is a time when teachers come together and share their professional experiences and thus learn different styles of teaching and learning.


Communication between teachers and JESIE is of utmost importance and this enables the smooth-running of everyday events. Their inclusive attitude leaves nobody in the cold, with their warm endeavors to do the right things at the right time. I would definitely recommend anyone to come to China and I would wholeheartedly recommend JESIE to be your employer. JESIE is infused with a healthy emotional approach towards education; one that allows you to enjoy the process of teaching and enables you to realize your full potential. JESIE will guide you down a path of joyous self-discovery to reveal a well-rounded and confident teacher. As you progress, you will spontaneously start to teach with more control, confidence, conviction, and artistry. For me, JESIE are a celebration of one of the greatest joys of being human . . . that of teaching communication.