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    Salary & Benefits

    Salary and Benefits


    Salary and benefits are deposited directly into the foreign teacher's account in the Bank of China. If you have any enquiries, please contact the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department directly. International accounts cannot be used as a salary card.


    a. Open a bank account

    After arrival at the program school, foreign teachers need to open a bank account and obtain a debit card for use as a salary card in the local Bank of China with the assistance of their on-site contact.


    b. Payment

    Salary will be given on the 20th day of each month - this may change due to variations in the banking system (holidays, etc.).


    Salary is paid after tax. Any and all overtime must be approved by the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department.


    If a teachers work takes less than a month, payment shall be made by the day, each day accounting for one thirtieth of the monthly salary. This is also applicable for the month of February.


    Salary is accounted on the 10th of each month. If teaching overtime occurs after the 10th, it will be accounted and paid in following month.


    Paid Vacation

    Foreign teachers are entitled to all national days observed in China as well as winter holidays.


    Holidays and term dates are generally as stated in your contract; however, individual schools may make amendments and as such are responsible for informing both the foreign teacher and the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department of any alterations in a timely manner.


    In regards to scheduling during holidays, the teacher might be asked to work one or two days on the previous or the following weekend to make up for the allocated school days.


    The period of teaching and holiday schemes are USUALLY as follows:


    Fall semester: September 1 to late January (19-20 weeks)

    • Mid-autumn Festival: normally in late September (August 15 in lunar calendar, 1 day off)
    • National Holiday: October 1 (3 days off)
    • Christmas Day: December 25 (1 day off)
    • New Year's Day: January 1 (1 day off)
    • Spring Festival and winter holiday: normally late January to mid-February (approx. 3 weeks off)


    Spring semester: Mid-February to July 1 (19-20 weeks)

    • Qing Ming Festival: normally on April 5 (1 day off)
    • Labour Day: May 1 (1 day off)
    • Dragon Boat Holiday: normally in mid-June (May 5 in lunar calendar, 1 day off)


    Unpaid Special Leave and Sick Leave

    JESIE generally does not accept requests for foreign teachers special leave when schools are is in session.


    In case of bereavement, special leave is granted for 3 days.


    All requests for unpaid special leave and leave for bereavement should be approved by the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department.


    If you get sick C and we hope you never will! C please provide a medical certificate from the local clinic or hospital and follow the procedure as stipulated:


    Inform the school program director or your contact person at your program school about the situation

    Ask the contact person at your school to accompany you to the hospital

    Obtain a certificate or formal proof of treatment from the clinic or hospital

    Ask the school to report to the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department


    Airfare Subsidy

    The airfare subsidy will be paid with salary on completion of the contract.


    Please provide the e-ticket to the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department one month before the expiration of the contract to ensure the subsidy is paid on time.


    Other Employment

    Without JESIEs consent, foreign teachers will not conduct any other employment activities. Please note that The Exit-Entry Administrative Law emphasizes several circumstances under which a foreigner will be regarded as an illegal worker in China: (1) those who work in China without obtaining a work permit and a work-related residence permit as required; (2) those who work in China beyond the authorized scope prescribed on the work permit; (3) those foreign students who violate administrative regulations of off-campus work by working in China beyond the authorized scope of their job position or duration. In other words, it is illegal to have two employers in China.



    If a foreign teacher wishes to resign or cancel a contract before it expires, he/she must give a 30 or 60 day advance notice (depending on the circumstances outlined in the employment contract) to the Foreign Teacher Recruitment Department. In this case, the teachers work visa is canceled and replaced with a temporary stay visa. This procedure usually takes up to 7 working days. Our teachers are expected to continue fulfilling their duties until all formalities are finalized.