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    Xincheng Middle School of Wuxi City

    Xincheng Middle School of Wuxi City is located on the bank of Bodu River, southeast of Wuxi in the heart of the business and trade functional area of the New District. It is a junior high school directly under the administration of the District. The school was founded in 2008. It is relatively new, but growing rapidly. 

    The school covers an area of 55,674O, including a teaching area of 17,777O, sports area of 2,365O and a green space area of 22,826O. 

    The school layout is rational and novel with a beautiful environment. The campus culture layout emphasizes the cultural aspect of popular scenic locations, so as to impress an edifying influence on the students. These unique and distinctive locations include the Technology Gallery, Fragrant Garden, Celebrity Statues, Little Strokes,  Fell Great Oaks and other inspirational attractions of Wuxi. 

    It is well-equipped with first-class facilities. A distinctive Robotics Studio, History & Geography Classroom, Biological Specimen Room, Adolescence Education Room, Psychological Counseling Room and other highlights are all features of the school. 

    Xincheng Middle School has a team of caring and dedicated teachers including over 130 full-time teachers. 35% of the team members are senior teachers. 

    It has 37 junior high school classes and more than 1,400 students. The school adheres to a student-oriented principle, focusing on the student's personal experience and well-being. It carries out positive moral practice activities to provide students with opportunities to develop their individuality, centered on a "favor of students and effectiveness of activities" philosophy.  

    The school focuses on foreign exchanges and cooperation. It has previously sent teachers and students to participate in training and learning in Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. The student's art works have been exhibited at exchange exhibitions in Toyokawa, Japan. 

    School Address: No. 12 Fangqian Road, Jiangxi Street, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

    The school is conveniently located for these stations and airports:

    • To Wuxi HSR Station: 10 km; 20 mins by car
    • To Nanjing Station: 180 km; 1 hour by bullet train
    • To Nanjing South Station : 190 km; 1.5 hours by bullet train 
    • To Nanjing Lukou Airport: 160 km; 2 hours by car
    • To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 120 km; 1.5 hours by car
    • To Shanghai HSR Station: 124 km; 50 mins by bullet train