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    Jiangsu Yancheng Middle School

    Bright and colorful, the city of Yancheng sits on China's east coast as a shining example of modernity blended with conservation.


    A city of approximately 8 million people, the Yancheng prefecture is Jiangsu's largest by area and borders the Yellow Sea with the longest coastline in the province.


    The city boasts a typical sub-tropical climate - hot summers, mild winters and rainy springs, though temperature extremes are mitigated by its coastal locale.


    With a history of over two millennia, Yancheng began as a resource settlement for collecting sea salt (Yancheng literally means "Salt City"), and its salt production continues to this day. Yancheng's many canals and waterways, as well as its inexpensive and sustainable modern transport, make it an excellent hub for travelers and markets, both domestic and international.


    Yancheng is a popular tourist destination for a city of its size, boasting abundant greenery, clear air and clean water. The city and surrounding area features many important wildlife preserves and protected wetlands; safe havens for rare migratory birds in winter. For a fascinating day trip, consider animal-watching at Dafeng Milu Reserve, a gathering spot for many different kinds of herd animals.


    Yancheng is a great place to live; full of friendly locals, verdant space, lively urban bustle and vast tracks of natural greenery.


    Famous attractions: