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    Wangzhuang Experimental Primary School of New District, Wuxi

    Situated in the new high-tech central district of Wuxi, Wangzhuang Experimental Primary School (WEPS) was founded in 1934. In 2007, it was designated as one of the first 20 bilingual experimental schools in Wuxi. 

    The school motto of "International vision, ethnic affection and subjective spirit", highlights its education philosophy; publicly declaring the ambitious aims of teachers and students in WEPS.  

    WEPS manages three branch schools and covers an area of 25,000O. It has grown to now accommodate 30 classes and 1233 students, including some international students from South Korea, Singapore, Canada and other countries (WEPS has the largest number of foreign students among all public schools in Wuxi). 

    The faculty consists of 83 people, 57 of these being elementary school and senior school teachers (intermediate level). Another 17 are senior middle school teachers; all of which provides a solid foundation for the conducting of internationally-oriented courses. 

    Since its establishment, WEPS has actively promoted bilingual education. Projects include establishment of the "Colorful English World" website, production of the "You and Me" bilingual newspaper and compilation of the school's own teaching material, entitled "My New District, My Hometown".

    Sticking to its educational motto, "The Foundation of Happiness in Life and the Pursuit of High-Quality Education", WEPS is committed to contributing to the prosperity of Wuxi and establishing itself as a first-class primary school. 

    School Address: No. 8, Xiangjiang North Street, New District, Wuxi.

    The school is conveniently located for these stations and airports:

    • To Wuxi HSR Station: 9 km; 15 mins by car
    • To Nanjing Station: 170km; 1 hour by bullet train
    • To Nanjing South Station : 190 km; 1.5 hours by bullet train
    • To Nanjing Lukou International Airport: 175 km; 2.5 hours by car
    • To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 125 km; 2 hours by car
    • To Shanghai HSR station: 120 km; 50 mins by bullet train