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    Nanjing Experimental Middle School

    Nanjing Experimental Middle School (a branch of First Middle School) is run by local people and controlled by Nanjing First Departmental School. The school began to enroll students in 2003. It has developed rapidly since it was built. The school has a total of 45 classrooms (15 classrooms per grade). There are currently over 4000 students, making it the biggest branch school under the control of the Nanjing First Departmental School. 

    Nanjing Experimental Middle School has been the top ranking school in Nanjing for the last 8 years, gaining a notable reputation for the resources it offers and its close connection with the local community. In improving the quality of science education by focusing on promoting the development of the whole person, the school is committed to  developing student's personalities and individual characteristics. Maths is taught by specialist teachers taking an inspirational approach to study; since while covering the essential exam content, it is also taught by making reference to a wider world of scientific discovery and accomplishments. Their guiding philosophy of English teaching and learning is to focus on the basics, in order to ensure complete understanding and to give students the opportunity to practice their speaking skills. In order to cultivate the student's interests, the school also provides extra-curricular activities such as aerobics, basketball, dancing, music appreciation and many other interesting groups.

    In addition to all of this, Nanjing Experimental Middle School also has great relationships with primary and middle schools in America, Australia, English, Singapore, Korean and other countries.

    School Address: No. 6-1 Baixia Road Nanjing. 

    The school is conveniently located for these stations and airports:

    • To Nanjing Lukou Airport: 40 km; 35 mins by car 
    • To Nanjing Station: 15 km; 20 mins by car 
    • To Nanjing South Station: 13 km; 20 mins by car
    • To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 300 km; 3.5 hours by car
    • To Shanghai HSR Station: 300 km; 1.5 hours by bullet train