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    Tom Bulter

    This month, JESIE foreign teachers in Wuxi brought several wonderful Open Day classes to schools in Wuxi New District. The theme of April is Easter to make students discover about festivals and holidays of foreign countries.


    Nanxingyuan primary school warmly greeted Wuxi's foreign teachers on the 13th April. Warwick and Georgina took center stage delivering fun, energetic and educational lessons to grade 4 students. Georgina took the first class, teaching the students about the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, among others Easter words. The students had great fun throwing balls, playing the memory game, as well as playing hot and cold. The class finished with the students being able to decorate their own Easter eggs, the students came up with very pretty and imaginative designs for their egg. Warwick was up next, with high energy and lots of enthusiasm. Also teaching Easter vocabulary as well as sentences: "On Easter we eat chocolate eggs" and "On Easter we put eggs in baskets". Student played amazing games to reinforce the language they had learnt, like Chinese whispers and pin the egg on the rabbit. The highlight of the class was when 4 students from each team had to use chopsticks to carry an egg and put it into a basket. The kids got to experience the tradition of Easter in a very fun way.


    After the trip to Adam's school in mid April, a very egg-sitting afternoon was had by all at Wangzhuang Middle school on Thursday 20th April. Thanks to Damien and Tom, grade seven students took part in an egg-stravaganza where they have the chance to egg-splore the Western festival of Easter. Activities on the day included an egg and spoon race C a traditional favorite C where teams had to compete in races to identify Easter vocabulary on the board. This being a JESIE open day then one should assume this race was no ordinary relay; in fact the students had to run holding a spoon balancing an egg! Easier said than done. Tom engaged his students with that all-time favorite of noughts and crosses. The class, divided in two, took turns in making Easter sentences from the vocabulary in the grid. Everyone ended up as happy bunnies C indeed this was the name of the game at the end of Damiens lesson. The students had to answer questions correctly in order to find a happy bunnyif they found a sad bunny they had to move to the opposite team. The winners were the ones who finished the game with the most players on their team.


    On April 20th, another group of JESIE teachers visited Taibo experimental school. Early morning, Julie taught grade 5 students: Easter Bunny, basket, ears, nose and tail. Julie had the students played different games to reinforce their learning. Julie started with action games such as Easter Bunny says and do the action. Then Julie used an interactive memory game matching a picture with the word. Last game the children played was "What's in the basket". The students had a great time learning by playing interesting games. Danny was next to teach grade 5 students. They learned the following new words: Easter Bunny, hide, find, chocolate and eggs. Danny played fun action games with the students. Kids were divided into two teams. First game was a game where one student from each team came to the front of the classroom and had a flashcard on their back. The goal of the game was to spin around and the first student to tell the word got a point for his team. Next game was Egg & Spoon Races where teams relay race with eggs on spoons across the classroom. Last game was another racing game. Students had so much fun playing these games. This open day was a great success.


    On 27th April, four esteemed JESIE teachers visited Wangzhuang Primary School's Xinlang campus. Ethan and Domi gave an eggcellent performance. Ethan teaching Grade 5, began his class with a guessing game, to which the cheeky students guessed him to be 46 years old, eventually they guessed correctly. He followed on to teach them prepositions, to which they were ready to start the Easter egg hunt. Domi teaching Grade 4, warmed the student up with a fast paced commands game, followed by a game of snap and a hopping race. She ended the lesson with a draw dictation; the students eventually had what looked like a bunny on their piece of paper. The students were able to show off their bunnies and by the end were in fits of giggles over the funny looking bunnies.