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    Nanjing Pukou Foreign Language School

    Nanjing Pukou Foreign Language School, a public school providing a nine-year course of education, was founded in 2012, with an emphasis on teaching foreign languages. Our junior high department explores the Open-cultural themes in English language teaching. Meanwhile, our elementary department practices the Context-communication teaching method, with small class sizes, a variety of textbooks, and a gradual progression from oral English speaking and listening skills in the earlier grades to the addition of reading and writing skills as students advance in grade. At the same time, our school vigorously follows the regular academic curriculum and supports colorful school cultural activities. Among the many English-related activities of the school are the English Corner, the monthly English Star, and the Five Beauty activities. Recently, our school has hired foreign teachers to help motivate students to learn English. We work to cultivate students who will be modern, innovative, patriotic citizens with international perspectives, a strong foundation in English, and confident members of society. All the people in Pukou Foreign Language School are devoted to building a school that will be a sweet home for both teachers and students.