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    Spring City Elementary School of Wuxi


    The name of our school is Spring City Elementary School. It is a new school established by the New Area Administrative Committee and JiangXi Street in the Wuxi core area. The school covers an area of 66,700 square meters, with 23 classes and more than 1000 students. There are 127 teaching staff, including 6 High School Senior Teachers, 8 Senior Teachers (Primary School), and 1 national outstanding teacher. Our school motto is "Honesty and Perseverance".  Our students are encouraged to be brave and honest.


    The school is equipped with first-class facilities. There is a computer room, music room, dance room, art room, science laboratory, library, indoor stadium, basketball court area, studio and hall.  Under the philosophy of the childhood happiness in school education school of thought, we give priority to allowing autonomy in curriculum development that nurtures positive and effective exploration by our students. The Spring City Elementary School advocates a "happy childhood curriculum system".


    We work to realize the integration of the national curriculum, local curriculum and school-based curriculum. First of all, according to the developmental needs of the students, teachers expand the national curriculum and finish 8-9 projects each term. Second, we operate school clubs and provide opportunities for growth for student of all abilities. Finally, our school offers many fun courses for students to choose independently, such as games, cooking lessons, knitting lessons, sticker  collecting C these courses can help students break the boundaries between classes and grades, and the formation of students individuality, according to their personal interests.


    Spring City Elementary School hopes all our students gain rich childhood experiences through these colorful courses in their six years of elementary school. Our goal is for our children to develop their personalities limitlessly and lay the foundation for a high quality of life in the future. Our goal is to cultivate first-class citizens by being at the front of child development! Everything we do is for our children.



    School Address: No.77 JinCheng East Road in New District of Wuxi


    The school is conveniently located for these stations and airports:


    • To Wuxi HSR Station: 7.6km; 22mins by car
    • To Nanjing Station: 219 km; 1 hour by bullet train
    • To Nanjing South Station: 210 km; 1 hours by bullet train
    • To Nanjing Lukou Airport: 180 km; 2.5 hours by car
    • To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 130 km; 2 hours by car
    • To Shanghai HSR Station: 124 km; 50 mins by bullet train