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    Wuxi No.1 Girls High School

    A Distinctive Traditional Girls School, Dreams in Blossom

    Regarding distinctive schools in Wuxi, we should mention Wuxi No.1 Girls High School. Embracing a rich scholarly and academic charm, with its bridges, water, pavilions, girls in meditation, the school brings an exquisite feeling to girl's schools. It is the only traditional girl's school in Wuxi. Since 2006, it has not only made remarkable achievements in the education of girls, but has also influenced the whole of China. Zhu Xiaoman, the president of the 'Chinese Society for the Study of Tao Xingzhi' said, "Girls schools of the whole nation should look towards Wuxi No.1 Girls High School."

    Convenient Transportation
    Located in the center of Wuxi, with the opening of subway lines 1 and 2, access to Wuxi No.1 Girls High School is now even more convenient. Starting from the Nanchansi metro stop on line 1, or the Donglin Square stop on line 2, after a short walking distance, you arrive at the school. 

    Excellent Standard of Teaching 
    Wuxi No.1 Girls School is a famous brand which has produced many great educators. The school staff includes master teachers, famous teachers, academic leaders, educational experts and new teaching talent who aim to develop the student's individual character and academic progress. 

    The 2010 alumnus, Yang Shanshan, said of her alma mater 'In No.1 Girls School, the teachers I encountered were also friends, who cared for and helped me to realize my dream, were tolerant and guided me towards optimism, were not only teachers, but also lifetime friends worth making.' 

    Student Achievements 
    The school nurtures elegance in the heart and mind, a fusion of tradition and innovation to prepare them students for modern times, the world and the future.

    In 2015, some outstanding students were selected to participate in short-term study in the United States, earning applause from the teachers and students with their talents. A 2012 graduate said 'At the Wuxi No.1 Girls School, there is no leadership, contribution or competition from boys, and this taps the huge potential of girls.'

    Over the years, girls from the school enrolled into many prestigious universities such as Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University, Wuhan University, Xiamen University, University of London, University of Illinois, etc..

    School address: No.6,chongning Lane Road, Chongning,Wuxi

    The school is conveniently located for access to these stations and airports:

          •To Shainghai Pudong International Airport 171km, 3 hours by car
          •To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 127.4km, 2 hours by train, 2 hours and 25 minutes by car
          •To Shuofang International Airport, Southern Jiangsu 18.5km; 30minutes by car
          •To Wuxi South Station 5.6km; 16 minutes by car
          •To Wuxi Station 2.6 km; 15 minutes by car